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Dynamic Dialects is the product of a collaboration between researchers at the University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, University College London and Napier University, Edinburgh. Dynamic Dialects is an accent database, containing an articulatory video-based corpus of speech samples from world-wide accents of English. Videos in this corpus contain synchronised audio, ultrasound-tongue-imaging video and video of the moving lips. We are continuing to augment this resource. For modelled International Phonetic Association speech samples produced by trained phoneticians, please go to Seeing Speech.


We would like to thank the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland for funding the development of this resource, the University of Glasgow and University Collage London for providing web-design and database construction expertise and the Clinical Audiology Speech and Language research centre at Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, for allowing use of their ultrasound tongue imaging recording studios, and Alan Wrench of Articulate Instruments for his help and advice. We would also like to thank the many anonymous contributors of spontaneous and read speech samples.


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Lawson, E., Stuart-Smith, J., Scobbie, J. M., Nakai, S., Beavan, D., Edmonds, F., Edmonds, I., Turk, A., Timmins, C., Beck, J., Esling, J., Leplatre, G., Cowen S., Barras, W., Durham, M. (2015). Dynamic Dialects: an articulatory web resource for the study of accents. University of Glasgow. 1st April 2015.