Dynamic Dialects: Accent Chart

area location agerange gender kit dress trap lot strut foot bath cloth nurse fleece face palm thought goat goose price choice mouth near square start north force cure prize idea happy later spontaneous
Australia New South Wales 18-24 M
Canada Ontario 18-24 F
Canada Ontario 18-24 F
Canada Prince George 31-40 F
England Greater Manchester 18-24 F
England Kent 18-24 M
England London 25-30 M
England Newcastle 18-24 M
England North Yorkshire 18-24 F
England Sheffield 25-30 M
England Sheffield 18-24 M
England Southampton 18-24 M
Hong Kong Hong Kong 18-24 F
India Bangalore 18-24 M
India Bangalore 18-24 M
India Bangalore 18-24 F
India Bhopal 18-24 M
India Chennai 18-24 M
India North East India 25-30 M
Ireland Co. Monaghan 18-24 F
Ireland Co. Tipperary 25-30 F
Ireland Dublin 25-30 F
Malaysia Penang 18-24 M
Malaysia Subang Jaya 18-24 M
New Zealand South Island 18-24 F
New Zealand South Island 18-24 M
New Zealand South Island 31-40 M
Nigeria Osogbo 25-30 M
Northern Ireland Antrim 18-24 F
Philippines Manila 25-30 F
Scotland Aberdeenshire 41-50 F
Scotland Black Isle 18-24 F
Scotland Fife 18-24 M
Scotland Orkney 31-40 F
Scotland Perthshire 18-24 M
Scotland Renfewshire 31-40 M
Scotland South Lanarkshire 18-24 F
Scotland West Lothian 25-30 M
Singapore Singapore 18-24 M
Sri Lanka Colombo 18-24 F
Tanzania Ntyuka 31-40 M
Trinidad Maraval 18-24 F
USA Georgia 25-30 F
USA Los Angeles 31-40 F
USA Maryland 18-24 M
USA Michigan 25-30 F
USA North Carolina 25-30 F
USA Oregon 18-24 F
USA Rhode Island 18-24 F
USA San Jose 18-24 M
USA Wisconsin 25-30 F
Zimbabwe Harare 31-40 M

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